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The students work individually with their main teacher. The teachers in the department are also very open to collaborating in order to aid their students’ development. Weekly piano forums and classes provide safe spaces for gaining performance experience. We use formative feedback in which both the students and the teachers contribute. Concert opportunities both at the academy and external venues provide valuable concert experience. One highlight is the annual week-long tour which sees all of the students perform concerts across southern Norway. The tour culminates in a big concert at the academy.

In addition to their outstanding knowledge of the main classical piano repertoire, the teachers also possess specialist knowledge of early music, French music and contemporary music, amongst other things.

The department holds masterclasses with international guest teachers, while our own teachers often visit institutions overseas to do the same.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has a collection of period instruments, and students may opt to specialise in the harpsichord and fortepiano.

The piano teachers at the academy are of a high international standard. In addition to their recording work, all of the academy's teachers have given numerous concerts both in Norway and abroad.

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Published: Mar 10, 2020 — Last updated: Mar 19, 2024