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Bach­el­or of Music with Indi­vidu­al Con­cen­tra­tion (FRIBA)

En student går en en vindeltrapp bærende på en saksofon og et noteark

Do you play music that extends established music genres? Or do you want to study several different disciplines or instruments? If the other programme options don’t entirely match your goals as a student, FRIBA might be just what you are looking for.

The FRIBA programme allows you to combine content from other programmes. FRIBA enables you, for example, to study both composition and performance or to study several main instruments simultaneously. If you play in genres not covered in the other programmes, you can use the FRIBA programme as a platform for your music education.

With FRIBA, you have the opportunity to adapt your studies and take advantage of the Academy’s wide range of programmes and professional networks.

The first two years of FRIBA are only taught in Norwegian, and a sufficient level of Norwegian is required to be able to follow tuition. If you have completed two years (120 ECTS credits) of performance or composition studies at another institution, you can apply for the 3rd and 4th year (2nd module), which may be taught in English. See Admission requirements below for details.

When you have completed your studies, you will have acquired a broad music education that can serve as a stepping stone towards a diversified music career both in Norway and internationally. You will learn a great deal about independent work and project development.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Dec 18, 2023