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Classical percussion is at the centre of the department, but the teachers have specialist expertise in a number of other fields, too. After thorough and general training in melodic percussion, snare drum, orchestral percussion and timpani, the students are largely free to decide what to focus on from there, be it orchestral playing, chamber music, improvised music, jazz, contemporary etc.

Percussion covers an almost infinite number of instruments, and the academy's own instrument collection is in a league of its own in terms of both size and quality. The students have unlimited access to instruments and practice rooms.

The percussion students participate in various ensemble constellations at the NMH, and many percussion ensembles that have gone on to achieve great success originated at the academy.

In 2010 we launched a Scandinavian percussion festival which has since expanded to embrace all the Nordic and Baltic countries.

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Published: Mar 10, 2020 — Last updated: Mar 21, 2024