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Mas­ter of Music Per­form­ance

Student sitter og spiller trommer. Bak henne står det fire harper.

The Master of Music Performance is a two-year programme of music study that will help you to shape your own artistic profile and to choose areas to examine in more depth.

The programme offers specialisations in classical music, contemporary music, improvised music/jazz and folk music – where all the students are part of the same programme.

The distinctive aspect of this programme lies in how you plan and execute your Master’s Project. You can complement it with project work, repertoire studies, elective subjects and external practice in the music community, among other things. The course Music in Perspective will help you acquire important knowledge and experience through critical reflection on your role as a performing musician in society.

Performing artists at a high level

This programme is a good choice for you if you have a sound professional foundation and are strongly motivated to develop further as a performing artist at a high level. This programme will enable you to become an active, reflective and inquisitive artist.

In the Master’s programme in performance, you will encounter other dedicated students and outstanding professors from Norway and abroad. You will have a precious opportunity to pursue in-depth study, and as a student, you are the focus of the teaching activities. You will also participate in a collaborative and dynamic learning environment in an inclusive social community.

When you have completed your studies

The programme will promote your further development as an artist and craftsperson and forms a solid basis for your future career in the world of music.

When you have completed your studies, your path will lead to music or music research professions at the doctoral level. The objective of many students in the Master of Music Performance programme is to qualify for permanent positions. Still, an increasingly large number of students also aim at establishing careers as freelance musicians, often alternating between playing, teaching, composing, producing, conducting and managing. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Jun 7, 2024