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The accordion is one of the youngest instruments on the art music scene. Nevertheless, it has established a prominent and internationally recognised tradition in Scandinavia. While the accordion department at the Norwegian Academy of Music has a solid foundation in the Scandinavian accordion tradition, continuing to develop and disseminate the instrument is also essential.

The accordion has great potential for further development, to which our department wishes to contribute. Teaching aims to prepare students for a professional career in diverse musical contexts where the accordion is included – or could be included.

Central repertoire

Contemporary music is central, as it is the core repertoire of the classical accordion. Here, musical imagination and instrumental techniques evolve and get challenged. Through organised collaboration with composition students, the accordionists experience the joy of creating an entirely new repertoire – both for their own inspiration, for the audience, and for the instrument's continued progress.

At the same time, working with older repertoires and transcripted music is integral for the building of fundamental musical understandings, solid instrumental techniques, and sound comprehension. As a unique hybrid between a keyboard and a wind instrument, the accordion demands both finger motor control and refined, organic sound treatment.

Chamber music is also crucial for accordionists. Both as a means to build competence for freelance work and a tool for developing their own playing and musical communication skills. Therefore, annual chamber music projects are arranged within the department or with other instrument groups. We encourage students to participate in chamber music activities in general.

Other activities

In forum classes, we discuss general musical and technical topics (study technique, fingerings, chord playing, repertoire knowledge, improvisation, and mental preparation), practice for concert situations, and work on the ability to listen to and constructively comment on fellow students' performances.

An annual student-run tour, organised by the Academy, provides valuable experience in practical entrepreneurship and audience contact, and two yearly visits by guest professors provide current impulses from the international music scene.

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Published: Jun 4, 2020 — Last updated: Jul 12, 2024