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Mas­ter of Music Ther­apy

Are you interested in working with people and exploring the connection between music and health?

In the Master of Music Therapy programme, you will learn to use music to make the most of people's resources with a variety of challenges. A vital element of the programme is the ability of music to promote the ability of people to express themselves and gain a sense of meaning, mastery and context for their lives.

The programme features an exciting combination of the practical and the theoretical, offering subjects such as improvisation, the study of relationships, science philosophy, and research methods. You will learn how music can create new possibilities for communication and development.

Theoretical and practical instruction

Do you want to use music in relational work and take a resource-oriented approach to the encounter between music and people through a good combination of theory and practice? If so, this is a programme for you.

The programme comprises theoretical and practical instruction, and you will gain practical experience in several areas during your course of study. The combination of subjects is unique, and you will be participating in a developing field.

When you have completed your studies

The Master of Music Therapy programme provides both an academic degree and a professional education. You will gain broad and valuable expertise that can be used within several practical fields. Music therapists can work in child welfare, nursing homes, hospitals, substance abuse treatment, prisons, schools, nurseries, schools of the arts and psychiatric healthcare. As a music therapist, you will be able to find a career in health and treatment, quality of life and development – with children, young people, adults and the elderly.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Dec 18, 2023