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Kalle Moberg: New Identity for the Accordion?

Kalle is playing on the accordion. He is placed on a crowded stage between two drum sets.

Kalle Moberg (b. 1994) is basing his artistic research on exploring the accordion’s organic potential – through newfound extended techniques.

Field of study: Artistic Research


Moberg intends to expand on the accordion’s timbral and acoustic possibilities through the aforementioned new techniques; explore these in different artistic settings; establish new roles and aesthetics for the instrument, and expand on peoples perception of the instrument. Examples of new techniques are “Stifled Tones”, extreme bending, new facets of acoustic beats, multiphonics and flexible microtonality.

The techniques and effects the project is based on are multiple, new, unique, achievable on all concert level accordions and attainable to any proficient accordionist. The hope and ambition are for the project to be of value for the international accordion milieu, the instrument’s repertoire, and the contemporary music scene. Through thorough artistic and methodical research on these new techniques, Moberg wishes to present an accordion with a new and substantially broader identity.

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Published: Sep 3, 2021 — Last updated: Mar 14, 2024