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Bach­el­or of Music Per­form­ance Clas­sic­al and Con­tem­por­ary Music

En jente står og spiller på vibrafon

This programme provides a unique possibility for you to develop as a classical musician. After having finished your studies you will have a solidly professional musical platform, and you will be fully equipped to be a performer at a high level.

You will be able to gain knowledge and inspiration not only from leading Norwegian and international classical musicians but also from other academic communities at the Academy, such as jazz, folk music, composition, music technology, music therapy and music education.

This is a programme for you if you have already reached a high level and want to study your instrument in more depth both musically and technically. You will learn to work independently and be goal-oriented, and relevant musical experience will promote your development.

After completing the programme

After completing the programme you will have attained a high level of expertise on your own instrument while also having experience from many types of ensembles, presentations and projects. You can work in Norway or abroad as a soloist, in an orchestra or in chamber music ensembles. You can also be a versatile freelancer with a broad musical scope. Other examples of jobs are as a music teacher or music journalist, in arts and cultural management, as a concert arranger, in music production or within cultural policy.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Jun 7, 2024