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The multi-musician

The role of music in the liturgy is at the heart of the study programme. The repertoire as a whole is broad and covers many different genres. The programme qualifies you for work in a range of fields in Norwegian churches and congregations. You will become a multi-musician capable of everything from liturgical organ-playing to choral conducting and arranging.

As a church musician, you are part of a long-standing tradition in which you are increasingly expected to take on new roles. The design of the church music programme is the result of input from society, the Church and the educational institutions. The Norwegian Academy of Music wishes to contribute its wealth of expertise and tradition in the field with an understanding and acknowledgement of the day-to-day challenges that church musicians face.


The bachelor degree qualifies you for the role of cantor in the Church of Norway. The standard arrangement is that you will be ordained for service in a permanent position.

Study Organ and Church Music at NMH



Liturgisk spill, liturgikk og hymnologi

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Published: Mar 10, 2020 — Last updated: Jun 26, 2024