Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Bach­el­or of Music Per­form­ance Tra­di­tion­al Folk Music

Myhr står i en kjeller, holder rundt en hardingfeler og ser alvorlig inn i kameraet.

The four year Bachelor of Music Performance Programme is designed to bring out the best in you.

Norwegian traditional music is the basis of this programme. Through solo playing, ensemble playing, music for dancing, folk dance courses, and forum lessons, students acquire an extensive knowledge of Norwegian traditional music. Interpretation classes are an important part of the programme, where students give each other feedback, and various guest teachers contribute to student’s learning.

I addition, students are given ample opportunity for innovation and genre crossing, both in ensembles, projects and performances.

In the 2nd module you may choose to have lessons with musicians outside of the Academy as part of your principal instrument education.

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