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Bach­el­or of Music Per­form­ance Tra­di­tion­al Folk Music

Myhr står i en kjeller, holder rundt en hardingfeler og ser alvorlig inn i kameraet.

Are you standing on the shoulders of tradition, but still want to make your own mark on the music? This is a performance-based programme on folk music’s own terms. Your artistic development is the most important factor, and you will be able to shape your studies to suit your own goals to a great extent.

The Bachelor of Music Performance, Traditional Folk Music comprises a small group of closely-knit people. You will have a unique opportunity to explore different artistic styles, while at the same time you will be able to make music and participate in projects with your fellow students.

If you want to study Norwegian folk music and are considering working as a musician within this genre, or with this music as a basis, this is a programme for you.

Knowledge of traditions

Your instruction will be of high professional quality, and the programme will in many ways be structured according to what you want to study in-depth and what your primary instrument is. You will become part of a warm and unique community and will be able to meet students working in a variety of styles.

Maturing professionally and artistically

In this programme, you will develop your skills on your primary instrument and cultivate knowledge of the traditions you want to study in-depth. You will gain experience of and familiarity with a variety of ensemble formats, ear training and types of arranging, and will have an opportunity to reflect on your performance skills. And you will be part of a community that wants to help you reach your goals. Maturing professionally and artistically is the most important element of your folk music studies at the Academy.

After completing the programme

After completing the programme you will be able to work as a freelance musician in a variety of musical fields. A career as a folk musician is often combined with composition, academic publishing, teaching activities and other relevant activities, for example, music production and stage performances.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Dec 18, 2023