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Bach­el­or of Music Per­form­ance Impro­vised Music and Jazz

Fem studenter står og spiller på en scene – en på datamaskin, en på trommer, en på gitar, en på bass og en vokalist.

When studying jazz and improvised music, you will have an opportunity to play a great deal while you are learning. You will study the established styles, but mainly you will have the freedom to become the musician you want to be.

Playing, both as a soloist and together with others, is a large part of the programme when studying jazz and improvised music. You will receive individual instruction on your instrument and will learn to play different styles of music. You will study complementary subjects and will eventually be able to choose a subject to study in-depth. All students are given the freedom to discover their own personal form of expression, also through ensemble playing and projects. In the final year of study, you will form your own ensemble and function as its bandleader.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Dec 18, 2023