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European Cham­ber Music Mas­ter ECMAs­ter

Seks studenter står på scenen i Levinsalen med hvert sitt instrument.

This programme provides a unique opportunity for you if you want a professional foundation as a chamber musician. What is special about this programme is that you will study at three different institutions in three European countries in the course of two years.

If you are eager to develop your chamber music abilities further and are part of a well-functioning chamber music ensemble, you should apply for this programme. You will be in close contact with your fellow players during your course of study and will experience musical development through your encounters with different specialist environments.

Unlike other international chamber music programmes, ECMAster offers the opportunity to be part of three different educational institutions in one course of study. The three different specialist environments will complement each other in musical and process-oriented respects, and the experience you gain will help to strengthen your identity as a chamber musician and will give your ensemble a broader platform for further development.

When you have completed your studies, you and your ensemble will have forged contacts that can be important in your further career path. You might, for instance, make use of your experience when working as an orchestra musician or teacher. You could also concentrate on establishing your ensemble in the freelance market and take advantage of the contact network you have built up.

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