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Piano Tuner Uni­ver­sity Col­lege Gradu­ate

This programme will enable you to study the technical aspects of the piano in-depth, while at the same time acquiring a professional basis as a piano tuner.

Training as a piano tuner in Norway is offered only by the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), and it provides a solid framework for a sound professional course of study.

Do you have a basic knowledge of music and like meticulous work? If so, this programme could be a good choice for you. You should have a grasp of detail, be skilled at using tools, and be curious about the technical and physical properties of the piano. The piano tuning trade involves much physical work and is well suited to people who like to work with their whole bodies.

Through a variety of practical and theoretical subjects, you will acquire enough knowledge to work independently as a piano tuner in the course of two years.

After completing the programme

When you have completed the programme, you will have gained a network of colleagues. You will be able to work as a piano tuner and other mechanical tasks at several institutions or on a freelance basis. Many job opportunities will be open for you, both locally and nationally.

Why NMH?

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Apr 9, 2024