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John Vinge

Sek­s­jonss­jef og før­steamanu­en­sis

Music Education and Music Therapy Department

Areas of expertise

Music pedagogics, music didactics, music teaching in primary school, classroom methodology, ensemble didactics, musical children's and youth culture.


John Vinge, PhD., is an associate professor in music education at the Norwegian Academy of Music. He earned his doctoral degree in a study of music teacher’s assessment practice in lower secondary schools. Vinge’s teaching experience includes music in kindergarten, primary and secondary school, along with teaching musical and educational subjects in higher music education. Vinge is also a performing musician and record producer and appears on several albums for Norwegian artists. He has composed and produced music for various children's programmes for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). His main research interests are assessment in music education, the practice of teaching music in schools and the theory of music didactics.

Selected publications

  • Vinge, J. (2017). What is Good and Bad Children's Music? Exploring Quality and Value in Music for Children. Information (in press)
  • Ferm, C.T., Vinge, J., Väkevä, L., & Zandén, O. (2016). Assessment as learning in music education – the risk of «criteria compliance» replacing «learning» in the Scandinavian countries. Research Studies in Music Education. SAGE Publications.
  • Vinge, J. (2014). Vurdering i musikkfag: en deskriptiv, analytisk studie av musikklærer es vurderingspraksis i ungdomsskolen [Assessment in music education: a descriptive, analytic study of teachers assessment practice in lower secondary school] (Vol. 2014:1). Oslo: Norges musikkhøgskole.
  • Vinge, J. (2012). Analytiske og holistiske tilganger til vurdering: en teoretisk drøfting av vurderingsstrategier og vurderingshandlinger i musikkfaget [Analytic and holistic assessment approaches: a theoretical discussion on assessment strategies and –actions in the subject of music] (pp. S. 199-220). Oslo: Norges musikkhøgskole.

Selected productions for Norwegian Broadcasting, NRK-Super

Projects John Vinge participates in