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Henning Kristofer Kraggerud


Strings and Harp Department

About Henning Kraggerud

Henning Kraggerud (b. 1973) is a professor of violin and viola at NMH.

He actively uses improvisation and composition in all teaching for those who want a creative approach to their artistic development, and he also has students in FRIBA and FRIMA.

Henning Kraggerud works as artistic director at the Arctic Philharmonic in Tromsø and is the International Chair of Violin and Fellow at RNCM in Manchester. He is a soloist and chamber musician with over 20 CD recordings for Naxos, Simax Classics, Naim, ACT and other companies.

He has received the Spellemannprisen, ECHO, Sibelius Prize, Ole Bull Prize, Critics' Prize, and many others. He has been a soloist with many of the world's leading orchestras, such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic in Hollywood Bowl, BBC PROMS in Royal Albert Hall and almost 100 orchestras in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. He has been a soloist several times with Janine Jansen, his former students Vilde Frang, Eldbjørg Hemsing, Eivind Ringstad, and other leading soloists and conductors.

About his teaching and improvisation

In his teaching, he thinks holistically and holds lectures, workshops, and guest teaching sessions, with improvisation and a simple approach to composition as the primary focus.

His lectures on how ridiculously simple it is to become an improviser and composer without prior knowledge and how to use it in teaching from day one have also become popular among music school teachers and other educators.

He also organizes improv happenings unannounced in regular public concerts, inviting audience members who have never touched an instrument to come on stage and make music with him in front of an often surprised orchestra.

If you want to study violin and viola in a different way where you are in the driver's seat, this is something he offers all students in addition to more traditional teaching methods.

A typical lesson often starts with improv if you, as a student, want it.


About practice strategies

About the place of art in a green shift

Part 2 is about 10 ways to get started with improv ensemble play all by yourself, many without prior knowledge.