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Veronica Ski-Berg


Music Education and Music Therapy Department


  • Workshop: Bestemmer du? Veronica Ski-Berg 2023
  • Institutional change in higher music education: A quest for legitimacy Veronica Ski-Berg ,  Sigrid Røyseng 2023
  • ‘Free to lead?’ An inquiry into the role of academic freedom during change processes in Nordic higher music education Veronica Ski-Berg ,  Ellen Mikalsen Stabell ,  Sidsel Karlsen 2023
  • Pressures to change: Institutional politics in higher music education Veronica Ski-Berg 2023
  • Between innovation and tradition: The balancing act of the 'protean' music student Veronica Ski-Berg 2022
  • Maktspill i instrumentalundervisning Veronica Ski-Berg 2022
  • Consequences of institutionalising the voices of music performance students: A comparative case study Veronica Ski-Berg 2022
  • Maktspill i musikkstudier Veronica Ski-Berg 2022
  • ‘Are we acting?’ Chasing institutional legitimacy in higher music education institutions Veronica Ski-Berg 2022
  • Keynote: ‘Liten? Jeg? Langtifra’ – Makt som medspiller i samtidens høyere musikkutdanning Veronica Ski-Berg 2022
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