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Happy Christmas from the Norwegian Academy of Music

Marie Firing Lemme is walking down Bogstadveien in the evening carrying a guitar on her back.

After a demanding year it is a pleasure to be able to wish our students, staff, concert audiences and others a well-deserved break and a brilliant Christmas!

This year it is singer Marie Firing Lemme and trombonist Jón Arnar Einarsson who are ushering Christmas in for us at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Hulias Film helped us to make the video, and our own Helge Sunde has arranged the traditional Christmas carol “Det lyser i stille grender”.

The concert season will begin on 21 January, subject to reservations. Welcome back in 2021!

Principal’s Christmas

Have you seen that Principal Peter Tornquist has created an advent calendar this year? So far 18 creative students and staff members have contributed their own interpretations of the folk tune “Et lite barn”. The principal himself has assembled the contributions and edited the videos into a beautiful series featuring a wide variety of interpretations.

Check out “Principal’s Christmas” here (

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