Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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CEMPE Annual 2020-21

Frontpage CEMPE Annual 20-21. Illustration: Espen Friberg

The third edition of CEMPE Annual is ready for our readers.

Read CEMPE Annual 2020-2021 online (

In the annual, you will find articles about several projects and topics that CEMPE has worked with during the last year, f.ex:

  • The Music student conference - What is success, and who should define it?
  • STUDENT Talks - How do we legitimise music's role in society?
  • The impostor syndrome - When will everybody realise that you are a fraud?
  • Performance anxiety in music students - Which strategies can help?
  • Institutionalising creativity - How can the creativite call avoid becoming a creative fall?
  • Artistic research-based education - what is it, and how can we strenghten it in our institutions?


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