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Would you like to further develop Norway’s most important conference for music students?

Sigrid Angelsen and Anna Rødevand on the opening of Musikkstudentkonferansen 2022

The next edition of Musikkstudentkonferansen (the Music Student Conference) takes place in April 2023. We are currently looking for one or two students to lead the project in collaboration with one of the previous project leaders.

Musikkstudentkonferansen is Norway’s only conference arranged for music students by music students. The previous edition gathered students, principals, deans and programme coordinators from all the Norwegian higher music education institutions.

What are music students interested in?

The conference is a social and academic meeting place for music students based in Norway, filled with workshops, presentations and discussions that addresses matters of importance for music students.

We are now looking for one or two project employees that will be responsible for planning and arranging the third edition of the conference on April 21st 2023, in collaboration with one of the previous project leaders and CEMPE. It is a 10 percent position lasting from December to April (salary step 27). The position will consist of a wide array of tasks related to planning, booking and promoting the program as well as arranging the conference itself.

We are looking for someone who feels compassionate about music students’ matters – someone with an urge to make a difference. You will be given a lot of freedom at work, and share a significant responsibility with the rest of the project team. The job will give you valuable work experience and contribute to the expansion of your cultural network.

Only students from the Norwegian Academy of Music can apply.

The working hours are flexible, but you must be prepared to work full days in the week leading up to the conference and on the conference day itself.

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