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CEMPE is Looking for New Student Partners

Susanna Solsrud at a CEMPE stand during Karrieredagen 2021.

Do you want to influence the music education of the future? CEMPE is looking for two new student partners for a flexible part-time position from autumn 2022 until the end of 2023.

CEMPE is NMH's Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education. We support student-driven projects and organise CEMPE Talks, STUDENT Talks, seminars and conferences. We promote excellence in higher music performance education through student agency, collaboration, diversity and curious exploration.

As a student partner in CEMPE, you can contribute to making your education better and more relevant, create a more open student environment and help students realise their projects. The student partners are part of CEMPE's governing bodies and will contribute to planning and carrying out the centre's projects and business in general. They will have responsibility for CEMPE being run in a way that protects the student perspective and involvement.

The student partners

The student partners are going to

  • be CEMPE's student ambassadors and work with involved students in current and new CEMPE projects
  • contribute to integrating CEMPE's activities into NMH's study programmes and teaching environment
  • participate in weekly meetings with the heads of CEMPE and CEMPE's governing bodies as required
  • be CEMPE's link between SUT, NMH students and students at other music education institutions
  • keep in touch with students responsible for CEMPE's student projects
  • participate in some of the centre's ongoing projects, and work with outreach and implementation
  • continue STUDENT Talks for NMH students
  • attend relevant seminars, courses and conferences

Who are you?

  • An undergraduate or graduate student at NMH.
  • Someone who wants to make a difference.
  • Someone interested in education and teaching related to higher music education and culture changes at an organisation level.
  • Someone with an experience within organisation and management.

We are looking for an ambitious individual with excellent communication skills who thrives independently and in teams.

The position

  • The scope of the position: 20%.
  • Salary: Pay in accordance with the agreement.
  • Duration: From June 2022 to December 2023.

Application deadline: 27 April 2022.


Please e-mail your questions about the position to the Head of CEMPE, Ellen M. Stabell, at, or our current student partners Susanna Yttri Solsrud and Ole Martin Solberg via e-mail

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