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Lars-Thomas Holm: About Ludvig Irgens-Jensen's works.

The problematic aspects of 'Fassung letzter Hand' in the works of Ludvig Irgens-Jensen (1894–1969).

Field of study: Performance Practice


This philological research project has addressed the Norwegian composer Ludvig Irgens-Jensen’s works Piano Quintet (1926–27), Symphony in D minor (1942–52) and his Canto d’omággio (1950). The main objective for this philological research has first and foremost been to produce new critical editions of the works for the Norwegian Musical Heritage Project. These editions will make the works more accessible for performances. The editions will thus contribute to create a base of knowledge and an interpretation method for an open and dynamic approach to the works, at a level of presentation that actively relates to the sources in a critical manner.

It has also been an important key result for the dissertation to address the scholarly and theoretical basis for these editions and discuss how this is developed and experienced. In other words, to communicate relevant results and experiences within philological methods that are applicable in the critical editing of Irgens-Jensen’s works. These results will be passed on for their relevance for the future editing of Irgens-Jensen’s works, but also in relation to other philological research projects on other composers’ works.

The dissertation

The complete title is (translated from Norwegian): …The glint of breakers far out at sea… The problematic aspects with 'Fassung letzter Hand' in the works of Ludvig Irgens-Jensen (1894–1969)

The dissertation is a monograph, and it is written in Norwegian. The dissertations will be available from NMH's digital archive.

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Published: Oct 17, 2016 — Last updated: Jun 24, 2024