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Look bey­ond – make a dif­fer­ence

Look beyond – make a difference is the English version of Løft blikket - gjør en forskjell, which deals with various aspects of NMH's Lebanon Project.

Look beyond – make a difference tells the story of a fascinating encounter with Muslim cultures as seen on a music project in Lebanon that the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) has been running for more than fifteen years.

About the Lebanon Project

The “Lebanon project” involves developing music tuition in the Rashidieh Palestinian refugee camp, the introduction of music as a subject in several Lebanese schools, skills development and training of local music teachers in Lebanon, project practice for music education students from the NMH with a focus on both teaching and outreach practice, and research and development at both master and senior research level.

Mer om innholdet

The chapters in the book highlight the complexities and correlations in the project while also looking at various sub-projects. The book recounts how the project has evolved since 2002 until 2018. It addresses issues such as cultural exchange, music outreach, student practice placements, and materials for teaching music to children and young people and for training Lebanese and Palestinian music teachers.

Past R&D on the Lebanon project is presented, and potential future activities are discussed. In conclusion, the book examines the justifications for the NMH’s involvement in aid projects, focusing in particular on the ripple effects of building local expertise in Lebanon and on skills development in music education in Norway.

The editors

Editors of the book are Brit Ågot Brøske and Vegar Storsve, both senior lecturers in music didactics at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

NMH Publications 2020:4

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Published: Sep 1, 2020 — Last updated: Jan 7, 2024