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Cancelled: Collegial Concert

Associate Professors Øystein Baadsvik (tuba) and Christopher Park (piano), and Professor Steinar Granmo Nilsen (horn) play chamber music in different constellations.

Anna Baadsvik, Simon Hegenberg, Veronica van Groningen


  • Trygve Madsen (1940–): Divertimento for horn, tuba and piano, Op. 43
  • T. Madsen: Sonata for tuba and piano, Op. 34
  • T. Madsen: Sonata for horn and piano, Op. 24
  • Franz Schubert (1797–1828)/Jacques-François Gallay (1795–1864): Les Chants du Coeur, Op. 51: No. 2 (Barcarolle), No. 6 (Marguerite) and No. 3 (La Truite)
  • Anna Baadsvik (1966–): New Kid

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Published: Dec 19, 2022 — Last updated: Mar 20, 2023