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Caesium. Fløyte. Piano

The Afterlife – an endless source of wonder, mystery, inspiration, curiosity, and fear, since the beginning of time.

Kangxuanjin, Olof Mörck


Odă cesiului și celor de pe urmă – a performance piece based on a poem by Ioana Vintilă


  • Catalina Popa-Mörck (flute, voice)
  • Katherine Hsu (piano)


Based on a text by the Romanian poet Ioana Vintilă, "Odă cesiului și colour" de pe urmă (Ode to caesium and those from the beyond), the performance explores the many facets of death, viewed as more than just the end but a new beginning, a way to commune with our ancestors, gain infinite knowledge and peace through multiple means of artistic expression.The composition lies at a crossroads of experimental music, traditional composition techniques and improvisation, where the instruments, as well as the instrumentalists, push real and imagined boundaries in search of the deeper meaning contained in the source material. Despite the perceived morbidity of the subject matter, the performance ultimately serves as a celebration of life and its infinite beauty.

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Published: Nov 7, 2022 — Last updated: Nov 7, 2022