Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Jon Helge Sætre

Asso­ci­ate Professor

Music Education and Music Therapy Department


  • Bridging the student-teacher gap in higher music education: Student-centred learning and assessment Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • Who are the music student teachers in Norwegian generalist teacher education? A cross-sectional survey Eyolf Thovsen Nysæther ,  Catharina Renate Christophersen ,  Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • Work Integrated Learning in the Music Academy Keith Phillips ,  Jon Helge Sætre ,  John Habron 2021
  • Mestere, metoder og medier: Studier av undervisnings- og læringsformer i høyere musikkutdanning Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • Learning and personal epistemologies among students in three work placement settings Torstein Nielsen Hole ,  Gaute Velle ,  Ingrid Helleve ,  Marit Ulvik ,  Jon Helge Sætre ,  Brit Ågot Brøske ,  Arild Raaheim 2021
  • The researching artist Henrik Sveidahl ,  Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • Educational cultures in specialist instrument tuition: Towards an analytical framework of difference Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • ANMA Talks: Inclusive assessment Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • Er kvalitetsendring en forutsetning for innovasjon i utdanning? Jon Helge Sætre 2021
  • Let's play together: Teacher perspectives on collaborative chamber music instruction Jon Helge Sætre ,  Katie Zhukov 2021
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