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LATIMPE (platform for Learning And Teaching In Music Performance Education)

LATIMPE - Platform for Learning And Teaching In Music Performance Education - was established in 2018 as a joint effort by AEC and CEMPE to strengthen and develop learning and teaching in higher music education.

Project results and outcomes

LATIMPE was established as a collaboration between CEMPE in Norway, and the European umbrella organization for higher music education (AEC).

Between 2018-2021, LATIMPE was part of the larger EU-funded project "Strengthening Music in Society", run by AEC. On their webpage, you can find more information on the results and outcomes of the project.

The website (2018–2023) was a site where European music education institutions could share their experiences from research and development in teaching and learning in music performance education. Some of the projects, publications and experiences that were gathered at can be found today on the websites of NMH.

LATIMPE aimed to

  • Explore and discuss new L&T models enabling HMEIs to educate creative and communicating musicians.
  • Strengthen the ability of HMEIs to explore and discuss learning and teaching that meet the demands of the 21st century, by active collaboration between students, teachers, and researchers in all relevant fields of higher music education.facilitate institutional networks in the global field of music performance education
  • Share knowledge through workshops, conferences, presentations, publications and online media
  • Stimulate the development of new projects on learning and teaching in music performance education

A collaborative initiative

  • CEMPE - Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education - (2014–2023) had status as Center for Excellence in Music Performance Education. As a Centre for Excellence in Education, it aimed to develop knowledge about learning and teaching in higher music education by initiating collaboration and supporting projects that explore alternative teaching and learning methods.


Konferanser og seminarer

  • In October 2018, AEC and CEMPE organized a large international conference at NMH titled "Becoming musicians - student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education." The conference brought together 122 teachers, students, researchers, and leaders from 44 different institutions from around the world.
  • In May 2020, AEC and CEMPE held a digital, international conference titled "Students as researching artists - music technology and musicianship."
  • In January 2020, LATIMPE organized a symposium for researchers on the use of low latency systems in music education.
  • In September 2021, LATIMPE held a digital symposium in collaboration with the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on assessment, feedback, and reflection in higher music education.

Published: Dec 18, 2023 — Last updated: Apr 1, 2024