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CEM­PE Annu­al 2020 – 2021

In the third edition of the CEMPE annual you can read about what has been going on and what CEMPE have focused on the last academic year. Read about performance anxiety in music students, and the Impostor-syndrome – when you believe everyone thinks you are a fraud or you can check how AR-based your institution is.



An evolving centre

Director Jon Helge Sætre reflects on how CEMPE has evolved.

From the student partners

Susanna Yttri Solsrud and Ole Martin Solberg share their main focuses as student partners in CEMPE.

The fear of being an impostor

Everyone around you is telling you that you are a good musician, but you cannot stop doubting your own abilities. When will everybody realise that you are a fraud? Impostor syndrome was the topic for STUDENT Talks #7.

Success or not success? That is not the question

What success is, is up to you to define, according to Camilla Overgaard, musician and keynote speaker at the Music Student Conference 2020.

Tomorrow’s music industry

What does tomorrow look like for today’s music students – in the light of corona, the climate crisis and the battle for arts funding? The discussion was raised as part of the Music Student Conference.

Why music?

2021’s first STUDENT Talks event was dedicated to the important issue of legitimising music. How do we argue for the position, importance and value of music in society?

Higher music education students’ experiences and management of performance anxiety

Damla Tahirbegi is PhD fellow of music education. In this article, you can read about her master’s project, where she interviewed music students about performance anxiety.

Pathways to artistic development

Participants from all over Scandinavia were in attendance when CEMPE and the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø held a seminar on artistic research in higher music education.

Linking higher music education and artistic research

How can higher music education and artistic research be linked, in a way that strengthens quality and relevance in the education? Ingfrid Breie Nyhus and Jostein Gundersen share some thoughts from their work in the Thinktank for
AR-based music education.

How AR-based is your study?

Check for green, yellow and red lights of whether your institution meets the goals of AR-based music education.

Creative call or creative fall?

Only by uncovering how creativity operates within institutions can we begin to understand how music students can truly be empowered, argues PhD fellow Veronica Ski-Berg.

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Published: May 26, 2021 — Last updated: Nov 23, 2023