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Robert Seaback: The Semiotics of Virtuality

Robert sitter og spiller gitar på en scene. Foran seg har han et notestativ og to monitorer.

Dette er komponist Robert Seaback sitt stipendiatprosjekt.

Research questions

Some of my guiding research questions are:

  • To what degree do informational renderings, re-mappings, or manipulations preserve or corrupt the ‘implicit substance’ of acoustic presence (to which concepts of gesture and embodiment are closely tied)?
  • What continuums exist in performance, time, timbre, and spatiality that articulate certain positions within the semiotics of virtuality?
  • How are orientations toward embodiment & materiality (presence/absence), and informational abstraction (pattern/noise) expressed technically and metaphorically?

Seaback considers this research an addition to the growing body of contemporary art and literature that examines particular issues in informatics—“the technologies of information as well as the biological, social, linguistic, and cultural changes that initiate, accompany, and complicate their development.” (Hayles 1999: 29)

Seaback's research will culminate in a body of work consisting of electroacoustic compositions for different media to also be disseminated in album format, and documentation suitable for journal publication.

Hayles, N.K. 1999. How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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Publisert: 16. nov. 2020 — Oppdatert: 21. sep. 2022