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Thin­king art

Forsiden til "Thinking Art. An interdisciplinary approach to applied aesthetics" av Bjørn Kruse.

An interdisciplinary approach to applied aesthetics

Denne publikasjonen er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

Thinking Art deals with concepts and models of understanding that are found in the common field of artistic reflection, based on questions such as “how can we use interdisciplinary insights as a resource for learning about our own discipline?”. The lines of thinking presented have emerged from Bjørn Kruse’s composing and teaching experience.

Although the author is a composer of music, Thinking Art is aimed at students in all disciplines of art. The book does not focus specifically and exclusively on the topic of aesthetics as an isolated subject in an academic fashion. The perspective is that of attitudes and approaches taken while thinking about composition and drama, and how this may be converted into constructive ways of thinking in the creative processes, in performing, and in the communication of the arts in one's own discipline.

Thinking Art may also be read by all who enjoy art. The language is not laden with specific professional terminology from any one art form. Rather, the author writes in a language which is detached from any given specific discipline. The insights that interdisciplinary thinking offers artist, also offers and develops a general aesthetical competence which enhances the experience of any art form.

Bjørn Kruse is a composer and Professor Emeritus in Composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, in Oslo, Norway. He is also an active painter and has had several exhibitions in the Oslo area. Kruse lectures extensively throughout Norway and Europe on the subject of interdisciplinary aesthetics, addressing students and educators within all expressions of art.

  • NMH-publikasjoner 2016:2.
  • Skriftserie fra Arne Nordheim-senteret (NordART).

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