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A Story About Air

What is the value of a live performance? In a world, where flawless recordings from across the globe can be accessed, stopped and started, repeated, from anywhere, at any time. How do performers create a meaningful connection with their audience?

A live performance is separated from a recording through an additional physical layer. The authenticity and roughness, expressed through a physical body, give a live performance its power to pull an audience into its magic. An audience that, as the performer, consists of similar physical bodies. Could this common element, by removing one layer of abstraction, play a vital role in creating a connection between the audience and the performer? To explore the relationship between the audience and the performer and to celebrate their common physicality, this concert will present pieces that embrace both the musical as well as the physical.


Matthew Shlomowitz (1975–): Freedom for Notes and Men

This piece for a speaking accordionist explores the question and its implications of whether musical systems reflect the political systems under which they are written.

Simon Steen-Andersen (1976–): Asthma

“Humans breathe with their lungs, accordions with their bellows. Breathing is of vital importance to both. Through a video with live performed soundtrack, Asthma shows the caressing beauty and terrible horror of air currents.” (Andreas Borregaard)


  • Noel Rubli (accordion)

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Published: Dec 6, 2023 — Last updated: Dec 24, 2023