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NMH NOW: How we make sense out of change

An anniversary concert series that takes the pulse of NMH right now.

Ingunn Graedler Listuen

A half-hour lunchtime concert every Thursday during the teaching weeks from October to November and January to April.


– It is always hard to describe and categorize my own music with words. I am inspired by how I see and feel the world around me, in particular, how lonely and disconnected we have become in the physical space as a result of digital advancement. I want to capture the desire for reconnection through my music, with a melancholic, desperate, bright atmosphere.


  • Morten Strøm (vocals, guitar)
  • Marta Bøshaugen (vocals)

The Norwegian Academy of Music 50 years old -

Welcome to The Norwegian Academy of Music's 50th anniversary celebration, with concerts and events throughout the whole academic year of 2023–2024.

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Published: Dec 15, 2023 — Last updated: Jan 12, 2024