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Becoming Animal

In this project the danish composer Simon Løffler will study how the aesthetic behaviour of animals can inform a compositional practise.

The project seeks to explore and potentially dissolve the boundaries between the musical behaviour of animals and humans. Starting from the basic question of how the ritualistic/aesthetic behaviour of certain animal species can be transferred into a musical performance practice, it is Løffler's ambition to open up the notion of what a musical body is and can be.

The main methodologies of the research will be:

  1. firstly to investigate the notion of the animal body and its relation to the human,
  2. secondly to explore how the physicality of the musician can be extended to resemble one of animalistic qualities, and
  3. thirdly to develop strategies through which several such bodies can be made to converge and interact and thereby make music.

The project will result in new works and reflections. The project will be documented on the Research Catalogue.

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Published: Feb 27, 2020 — Last updated: Sep 21, 2022