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Call for Projects For and About Higher Music Performance Education

Illustration by Espen Friberg

CEMPE wants to contribute to research and development projects investigating higher-performing music education. Therefore, we are announcing funding for projects for the academic year 2021–2022. Deadline for application: April 6.

This year we are particularly interested in projects within the following topics:

Music students and music life in change and crisis

  • Projects that can shed light on experiences, challenges and opportunities in higher music education during a pandemic. Possible topics are new ways of studying and collaborating, new and innovative digital pedagogy, innovative solutions in performance practices and students 'and artists' mental health during crises.

Artistic research-based higher music performance education

  • Projects that explore and provide examples of teaching and learning based on artistic research education and thus show how to understand research-based education in a field where artistic development work is a central form of research.

Other focus areas

Furthermore, we also welcome projects within CEMPE’s other focus areas. These are

  • the connection between study and the music industry
  • collaboration in performance teaching
  • interaction between subjects and across genres
  • everyday musicians

You can read more about CEMPE’s focus areas.

Submit your application

The application, along with any attachments, should be sent to by 6 April 2021 at the latest.

It is expected that projects awarded funding write a project report suitable for publication on CEMPE's website and/or the resource page CEMPE Learn. It is also desirable that people who receive funding participate in seminars and conferences organized by CEMPE.


For more information, please contact Center Director Jon Helge Sætre or Deputy Director Ingfrid Breie Nyhus.

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