Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Eirik Birkeland

Asso­ci­ate Professor

Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Department

Research Areas / Expertise

  • Bassoon
  • Chamber music
  • Interpretation
  • Arts and educational leadership


  • Bassoon
  • Chamber music
  • Interpretation


  • Educational cultures in instrument tuition: A comparative study of international contexts Jon Helge Sætre ,  Morten Carlsen ,  Henrik Holm ,  Eirik Birkeland ,  Are Sandbakken 2018
  • Educational cultures and power relations: A comparative study of instrument tuition in higher music education Jon Helge Sætre ,  Morten Carlsen ,  Eirik Birkeland ,  Henrik Holm ,  Are Sandbakken 2017
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