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Erlend Hovland


Composition, Music Theory and Music Technology Department


  • Artistic Research and Music & Practice Erlend Hovland 2023
  • Artistic research as a challenge to the humanities. A meditation on the ruins of binary oppositional thinking. Erlend Hovland 2023
  • Artistic Research and the Need for a Paradigmatic Shift in Art Research Erlend Hovland 2022
  • Death in Bologna: An Essay on a Manifesto against Artistic Research Erlend Hovland 2021
  • The ‘I’ in Research: On subjectivity and objectivity in practice and performance Erlend Hovland 2021
  • Berlioz as Provocation to Music History: On the Institutionalisation of Musicology Erlend Hovland 2020
  • Musikkverkets eksistens: To lesninger av Roman Ingardens musikkfilosofi Erlend Hovland 2020
  • Lyttekunstens Forfall Erlend Hovland 2019
  • New Perspectives on Technique and Practice Erlend Hovland ,  Anders Førisdal 2019
  • Who is afraid of Berlioz: Reflections on the “Berlioz Problem” and the “Acticity” of the Musical Work Erlend Hovland 2019
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