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Liv Kristin Holmberg


Externally Connected Persons

Liv Kristin is standing outside in the snow.


Liv Kristin Holmberg (b. 1980) has a Master's degree from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo and is a trained classical pianist and organist with an educational background from the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Her academic studies within philosophy, psychology and global intellectual history are from the University of Oslo and Humboldt University in Berlin.

She has performance art in religious spaces and experimental music theatre as her major. She has been the art director and contributed to many stage productions domestically and abroad. She has an interdisciplinary approach bordering ritual theatre, Installation art and visual concerts, focusing on utopian philosophy and the relationship between art and faith.

Holmberg's exhibits and performances include, amongst others; Berlin Art Week, The Norwegian National art exhibition (høstutstillingen), MAGO, Norwegian sculpture biannual, the photo gallery, Autocenter Gallery (Berlin), Nikolaj Kunsthal, Akershus art centre, Fylkingen(Stockholm), Spriten art centre, Rogaland art centre, Kunstbanken Hamar, Periferiens concert series, Oslo Pilot, Vårscenefest, PAB Open, Spikersuppa sound gallery, The art museum In Nord-Trøndelag, Interzone International Contemporary Music Festival, Vinterscenen, Happy Days, Black Box Theatre, Kiel BBK, Kulturkirken Jakob, as well as countless exhibits and performances In churches In Norway and Northern Europe.

For more information, please visit Homberg's website.

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