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New Student Comittee and new board representatives!

Congratulations to the newly elected SUT 24/25 and board representatives!

The student election at NMH has exceeded all expectations, with a turnout of 25% – a significant increase from last year's election. Congratulations to all students who have voted!

The outgoing student leader is confident that the incoming Student Comittee (SUT) and board representatives will do a formidable job in the coming year.

The Student Committee will be as follows:

SUT Leader: Lucie Lou Camps

Deputy Leader: Victor Middleton

Events: Essi Koski

Communications: Thea von der Wense

Learning Environment: Andreea-Maria Faits Dumitrel

Diversity and Equality: Tuva Marie Jansen Sverkeli

Student Representatives to NMH's Board: Idun Gabrielle Fougner-Økland and Ola Ur Sæbø

Alternate members: Elise Sløgedal and Marius Fredheim

The new strategy and changing times make this work very exciting. Students at NMH can be assured that their interests are well taken care of by the newly elected board representatives and alternates.

Student leader Mitra Fagerli Rahman wishes the incoming representatives good luck for the following year. And she looks forward to observing the work from a slightly greater distance! Rahman wants to thank everyone for a good election and a great year - the current SUT should be proud!

Styrerepresentanter og varaer 24/25: Idun Gabrielle Fougner-Økland og Ola Ur Sæbø (øverst), Elise Sløgedal og Marius Fredheim (nederst)