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Hans Olav Gorset: The pleasurable passage of time

A description, discussion, and musical presentation of music from 18th century Norwegian music books as seen in light of performance practice.

Field of study: Performance Practice


This dissertation presents, in text and music, a repertoire widely disseminated and appreciated in 18th century Norway. Hand-written music books or tune-books contain melodies that were well known and popular in the 18t century; perhaps we could call these tunes the "hits" of the day? For a variety of reasons, they are relatively unknown to modern audiences.

Gorset's intention is to develop a deeper understanding of a nearly forgotten repertoire as it appears in six manuscripts associated with the Norwegian part of the kingdom of Denmark-Norway. Gorset's concern is that this understanding will enhance the interpretation of other 18th-century music, and his ambition is that this repertoire again can function as a "pleasurable passage of time".

The dissertation

Full title (translated from Norwegian): The pleasurable passage of time»: A description, and musical presentation of music from 18th-century Norwegian music books as seen in light of performance practice.

The dissertation comprises a monograph and two CD recordings.

The full version is available from NMH's library. The monograph is available from NMH's digital archive Brage.

The dissertation language is Norwegian.

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Published: Jan 10, 2017 — Last updated: Mar 15, 2024