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Marianne Berglöf: Towards new methods in analysing performances of music-dramatic works

Can post-hermeneutical theory be used for analysing music and drama performances on the basis of a performative understanding of art?

Field of study: Performance Practice

A performative understanding of the concept 'work' (of art), in which the performance constitutes the work, demands for new methods of analysis which are not based on a «realisation» of the music-dramatic score. The poststructural readings of the 18. and 19. Century opera repertory in the last decades claims for new approaches in how we can understand this increasing pluralism taking place. In this context, the study concentrates on the concepts being closely related to the theory of performativity: 'time', 'rhythm', 'process', 'materiality', 'representation' as opposed to 'presence' in my research work. The investigation will also look at how the term 'intermodality' can be fused to the idea of performativity and hence be a useful tool in the analysing process, as well as how the concept of 'myth' can play a significant role in understanding the correlation between score and performance.

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Published: Jun 9, 2022 — Last updated: Mar 8, 2024