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Con­tra­bass Clarinet

Orchestral excerpts and a brief history

The publication "Contrabass Clarinet. Orchestral excerpts and a brief history" is the result of Rolf Borch's artistic research project "Contrabass Clarinet and Houvenaghel’s Organ, integrating a new member into my clarinet family".

The excerpts in this collection are presented in chronological order, starting in tonal, romantic music, moving through the 1900s, and ending in today’s contemporary music. The first eight excerpts represent, as far as I know, the first eight times the instrument was included in orchestral compositions. I have chosen excerpts that I think will be useful for practice, from works and composers that I like. The selection includes good uses of the instrument, near impossible uses of the instrument, some quite boring uses of the instrument, and music that is enjoyable to play.

  • NMH-publikasjoner 2015:1.

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Published: Apr 7, 2015 — Last updated: Jun 24, 2020