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Leav­ing the music classroom

A study of Attrition from Music Teaching in Norwegian Compulsory Schools

The background of the present dissertation is a problem faced by several countries: a lack of qualified music teachers. In the Norwegian compulsory school (primary and lower secondary), 38% of the music teachers (teachers who teach music) have no formal qualification at all, and only 8% have more than one year of music studies (Lagerstrøm et al., 2014). In addition to recruiting new teachers, it is important to retain those who already teach. Research from Norway and other countries points out several factors that cause music teacher attrition: low confidence related to lack of musical and/or pedagogical skills, noise, high workload, lack of equipment and facilities, low status, lack of support, and professional isolation.

  • NMH-publikasjoner 2018:4.

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Published: Jun 19, 2018 — Last updated: Jun 24, 2020