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Con­cert Series RÅ!

  • Duration: Two semesters, autumn and spring.
  • Final assessment: Assessment by the course instructor.
  • Language of tuition: Norwegian and English.

The course is aimed at students at Bachelor and Master levels who are studying within the improvised music/jazz programme options.

Course description

The students are responsible for organising the programme, marketing and implementation of the concert series RÅ! with the support of Outreach and Events Production and teacher(s).

Learning objectives

After completing the course the student is expected to show an ability to collaborate and to carry out independent work in connection with organising the programme, planning, marketing and implementation of the concert series RÅ!


In collaboration with Outreach and Events Production and the academic community, the students will be responsible for a concert series (organising the programme, planning, marketing and practical implementation). The students will be given an introduction to the analysis of concerts, productions and happenings. The students will keep a record of the experience they gain while taking the course.


The instruction is organised in concentrated blocks and takes place mainly as group sessions. The teacher determines the framework for the practical tasks. The course organisation and form of instruction are defined at the beginning of the academic year. The students are expected to participate actively.

Course requirements

Active participation in the course is a requirement. This normally entails that if a student is absent for more than 20 per cent of the course time, he or she will fail the course.

Final assessment

All coursework must be approved before the student can be given a final assessment.


The student will write an essay of around 1000 words. This essay should be based on the records kept and the experience gained by the student while implementing the concert series. The essay is submitted on the learning management system Canvas. The final assessment will be a pass/fail grade.

New assessment

A new assessment is subject to the same procedure as an ordinary assessment.

Published: Mar 22, 2021 — Last updated: Apr 7, 2021