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Stu­dent-Led Pro­ject

Two semesters, autumn and spring.

  • Prerequisite: Send application to Deadline 15 April. See for application criteria.
  • Language of tuition: Norwegian and English.
  • Final assessment: Assessment by the course instructor.
  • Course coordinator: Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE).

Course description

The course gives students relevant experience in working life through planning, carrying out and reflecting on a project of the student’s own choice.

The project can be artistic or research-based and should address one or more of the following criteria

  • preparing the student for the music world of today and tomorrow
  • strengthening the collaboration between students across academic boundaries and music genres
  • enhancing the development of the programme
  • trying something new that is not included in the programme
  • benefiting other students

Based on the applications that have been submitted, CEMPE will approve up to five projects each year. Funding for operations, advisers’ wages, presentation, travel expenses, production and renting premises may be applied for. See for information about project funding and the criteria for approval of a project.

Learning objectives

After completing the course, the student is expected to

  • have acquired experience in project preparation, planning and implementation of their own project
  • have acquired basic knowledge about project budgeting, keeping accounts and making plans for future progress
  • have gained experience in leading creative processes
  • be able to work independently and together with others, and lead a team


The course entails the management of the student’s own project, where the student establishes the necessary contact with collaboration partners, participants, advisers and coordinators. A project description must be written prior to initiating the project, and a project report after completion.

Active participation in the student project forum is required.


The course is set up as an independent study project. In addition, active participation is required in CEMPE’s student project forum, which is arranged 3–4 times per semester. The forum includes basic courses in project management and finances, along with subject-relevant discussions of the various student-led projects.

The student is responsible for the progress and academic quality of the project. CEMPE’s administrative coordinator follows up on the project and assists the student as required.

Course requirements

The student draws up a project plan that includes the objectives of the project, a schedule, a list of the participants/collaboration partners and a budget (if relevant).

The project is presented at the student project forum.

The student submits a project report of 1500–2000 words documenting the activities and results of the project, such as any concerts held or presentations given. The report must also include a reflection on the utility and relevance of the project for the student’s own development and for the course of study as a whole.

Final assessments

The student is assessed in relation to the learning objectives of the course. The final assessment will be a pass/fail grade and is determined by the subject teacher on the basis of an individual assessment of the student’s academic level through the work accomplished in the course.

Reassessment: Any reassessment is subject to the same procedure as an ordinary assessment.

Published: Mar 19, 2021 — Last updated: Mar 30, 2022