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Duo Umbra invites audiences to a concert with music by Clara de Asís.

Vasco Rato

Umbra is formed by Carolina Duarte and Madalena Rato. This duo was created in 2024 and has its debut concert in April at Cigarra – Associação Cultural in Lisbon, Portugal. The group was born from a long friendship and a great desire to explore and create music for this peculiar formation.

Clara de Asís composed the piece "Without" for the duo of Erik Carlson (violin) and Greg Stuart (percussion) in 2018. In this 43-minute piece, de Asís gave a precise framework for the position and the duration of each sound section and each silence, as well as a rough outline for the texture and the volume of each sound, the use of tone or noise (or tone-noise), and the materials for the percussion, but a large part of the score was open for the two performers' freedom.


Umbra Duo

  • Carolina Duarte (fiolin)
  • Madalena Rato (slagverk)

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Published: Jun 14, 2024 — Last updated: Jun 20, 2024