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Gisle Fuhr


Externally Connected Persons


  • Exploring client-therapist relationships through joint interviews Marie Strand Skånland ,  Gisle Fuhr 2024
  • Therapy – the Problematic Word in Music Therapy with Adolescents in the Child Welfare Services Gisle Fuhr ,  Karette Stensæth 2022
  • Hvorfor er musikkterapi i barnevernet aktuelt akkurat nå? Rundebord Viggo Krüger ,  Christine Wilhelmsen ,  Gisle Fuhr ,  Ingelill Berger 2022
  • Terapi - det vanskelige ordet i musikkterapi Gisle Fuhr ,  Karette Stensæth 2022
  • Three ways in which adolescents and music therapists differ in their understanding of music therapy in the child welfare services Gisle Fuhr 2022
  • What’s in a good relationship? Perspectives from adolescents in out-of-home care, their music therapists and phenomenology Gisle Fuhr 2022
  • “I don’t think of you as a therapist, you know”: exploring relationships between adolescents and music therapists in the child welfare services Gisle Fuhr 2022
  • Exploring differences in how adolescents and music therapists define ‘music’, ‘therapy’ and ‘relationships’. Gisle Fuhr 2022
  • Spesialistutdanning i musikkterapi – trenger vi det? Hans Petter Solli ,  Brynjulf Stige ,  Gro Trondalen ,  Randi Rolvsjord ,  Gisle Fuhr ,  Christine Wilhelmsen 2020
  • Rundebord: Spesialistutdanning i musikkterapi-trenger vi det? Gro Trondalen ,  Hans Petter Solli ,  Randi Rolvsjord ,  Gisle Fuhr ,  Wilhelmsen Christine 2020
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