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Lars Ole Bonde


Music Education and Music Therapy Department


  • Music and Health: A Comprehensive Model Lars Ole Bonde ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Even Ruud 2023
  • Engagement with arts and culture activities in the Danish general population: Longitudinal associations with new onset or persistent depression and mental wellbeing Ziggi Ivan Santini ,  Lau Caspar Thygesen ,  Steinar Krokstad ,  Lars Ole Bonde ,  Robert J. Donovan ,  Vibeke Koushede ,  Anita Jensen ,  Ai Koyanagi ,  Ola Ekholm 2023
  • Music programming for psilocybin-assisted therapy: Guided Imagery and Music-informed perspectives Catharina Messell ,  Lisa Summer ,  Lars Ole Bonde ,  Bolette Daniels Beck ,  Dea Siggaard Stenbæk 2022
  • Trauma-focused group music and imagery with women suffering from PTSD/Complex PTSD: A randomized controlled study Gabriella Rudstam ,  Ulf O.E. Elofsson ,  Hans Peter Söndergaard ,  Lars Ole Bonde ,  Bolette Daniels Beck 2022
  • Music listening to decrease intensity of agitated behaviour after severe acquired brain injury: An experimental multi-case study Lena Aadal ,  Søren Vester Hald ,  Ulla Johanna Setterberg ,  Lars Ole Bonde 2021
  • Nordic collaboratin on music and public health Gro Trondalen ,  Lars Ole Bonde ,  Eva Boijner-Horwitz ,  Suvi Saarikallio ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Susanne Hanser 2021
  • Collaboration on Music and Public Health: A Nordic perspective Lars Ole Bonde ,  Eva Boijner_howitz ,  Suvi Saarikallio ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Gro Trondalen ,  Susanne hanser 2021
  • Music Therapy vs. Music Listening for Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Randomized, Controlled, Assessor- and Patient-Blinded Trial Inge Nygaard Pedersen ,  Lars Ole Bonde ,  Niels Hannibal ,  Jimmi Nielsen ,  Jørgen Aagaard ,  Christian Gold ,  Lars Rye Bertelsen ,  Silvia Beatriz Jensen ,  René E. Nielsen 2021
  • Music therapy for children going through haematopoietic stem cell transplantation Lena Uggla ,  Lars Ole Bonde 2020
  • Music and health promotion in Danish/Nordic hospitals – who and how? An essay. Lars Ole Bonde 2020
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