Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Sigrid Røyseng


Music Education and Music Therapy Department


  • Musikerne, bransjen og samfunnet Sigrid Røyseng ,  Heidi Stavrum ,  Vinge John 2022
  • Artists and Online Dissemination: An Analysis of Positions and Position-Takings Peter Booth ,  Sigrid Røyseng 2022
  • Public art debates as boundary struggles Sigrid Røyseng 2021
  • Professional resilience and visibility capital. Analytical examples from the research project «Shifting Landscapes of Musicians’ work» Sigrid Røyseng ,  Heidi Stavrum ,  John Vinge 2021
  • Det handler om maktfordeling Sigrid Røyseng ,  Ánde Somby 2021
  • Ubesvarte spørsmål om Kulturrådet Sigrid Røyseng ,  Ánde Somby 2021
  • Kulturråd eller direktorat? Sigrid Røyseng ,  Ánde Somby 2021
  • Kunstnere som jobbskapere Sigrid Røyseng 2021
  • Politicians’ roles in cultural policy – a literature review Sigrid Røyseng ,  Erik Henningsen 2021
  • The politics of gender in classical ballet Sigrid Røyseng 2021
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