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Brahms in the chamber

Students and staff at the Norwegian Academy of Music explore the artistic and pedagogical aspects of performing a chamber music version of Brahms' 4th symphony.

The project consists of three main tasks:

  1. Transcribing the piece for 4 string instruments, 4 woodwind instruments and piano. By Sigstein Folgerø.
  2. Interpretation. With staff and students
  3. Performing - in cooperation with Chamber music week 2014 and NMH concert production department.



  • Sigstein Folgerø, piano
  • Bjarne Magnus Jensen, violin
  • Julius Pranevicius, horn


  • Einar Kyvik Bauge, viola
  • Christine Oseland, viola
  • Mathias Sunde Valseth, double bass
  • Eskild Abelseth, double bass
  • Marit Charlotte Steinum, flute
  • Christine Bårreng Hansen, clarinet
  • Ida Kateraas, clarinet
  • Joakim Raivio, bassoon

Published: Sep 24, 2014 — Last updated: Jan 11, 2021