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Hallgeir Schiager: The Organ Composer Gustav Merkel

Interpretation aspects in some of Gustav Merkel's (1827-1885) compositions.

Field of study: Performance Practice


The dissertation is based on organ composer Gustav Merkel's works. Merkel lived and worked in Dresden, and he was a respected performer, teacher and composer in his time. He represents a Mid-German organ tradition with central influence on the development of organ music in the 19th century.

The dissertation comprises a monograph, a recording of selected Merkel works and a critical edition of one of Merkel's compositions. The edition is adapted for modern instruments.

The dissertation

Title (translated from Norwegian): The organ composer Gustav Merkel. Interpretation aspect in some of his works.

The dissertation is available in Norwegian from the library.

The dissertation is not available digitally.

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Published: Jan 11, 2017 — Last updated: Apr 8, 2024