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Performing Precarity

What kind of practices emerge when challenging traditional performer paradigms?

Field of study: Artistic Research

About the project

The research project Performing Precarity has sought to challenge traditional performance paradigms by abandoning notions of mastery and instrument-specificity as the core of a musician’s practice in favour of the idea of relationality and its ensuing precarity.


The Performing Precarity exposition contains 14 reflective components in different formats: videoessays, scientific articles, essays, audiopapers and documentaries. Each component sheds light on topics touched upon by the project group.

Our wish is that the variety of formats enriches the experience for our audience, who can jump back and forth between the components. Some reflections touch upon the same topics, compositions or performances, but from different angles.

In addition to the reflective material, the exposition contains documentary material of 18 musical compositions.

Articles relevant

Published: Apr 4, 2019 — Last updated: Apr 8, 2024